Career Advisory Services ​​

Are you a recent graduate joining the workforce?  Are you a seasoned professional seeking a new career within or beyond your current area of expertise? Perhaps your résumé has not yielded interviews. Or, you cannot manage to advance from interviews to offers. In this competitive market, you should network strategically and be the solution for hiring managers. Retain a personal Azore Career Advisor today! 

Click the blue button above to schedule a 30-minute consultation. We will review your current efforts, goals, and our service solutions. If you just want a second opinion during a phase of your application process or you prefer an all-inclusive approach, rest assured that we are here to serve you!

N.B.: You may be able to deduct your expenses for our career advisory services when you prepare your income tax return(s). Consult your financial advisor or accountant for more information. ​​

Résumé Analysis
and Critique

Among your first impressions, your résumé can be the most important variable in your search for a new position. Thankfully, you can determine how your résumé presents you to hiring managers. Azore Career Advisors are more than proofreaders. They are experienced entrepreneurs, hiring managers, and editors who have worked with international professionals across industries to turn résumés into invitations to interview. Include your Career Advisor as you embark on your journey, and take this first step to discuss your needs. Two-day and rush résumé delivery options are available. 

Interviewing Strategies

Azore Career Advisors have served on hiring committees in multiple industries. Connect with one to work on your in-person or telephone interviewing strategies. If your interview will take place via a virtual or video platform, we can help you to master your technology and focus on your meeting. Improve tact and manage conversation obstacles so hiring managers want to invite you to the next stage.

Post-Offer Negotiation

Congratulations on securing an offer! Do not sell yourself short when it comes to the terms of your upcoming employment. Azore Global offers market research and advice for benefits, relocation, staff support needs, work schedules, and compensation packages particular to your position and location.  

Cover Letter Editing

Accompanying your résumé, your cover letter sets a foundation for the personality and motivation you present. Azore Career Advisors will review and return a well-crafted, strategic cover letter for each of your applications. Do not overlook the added edge a cover letter provides. We deliver prompt feedback regarding your approach.

Online Branding
and Image Consulting

Your interview process does not end with documents and phone calls. Build or renovate your online presence with strategic social media designed to market you or your business. Regain control of how your prospective clients or hiring managers connect with you via your website, search engines, and social media sites. Our industry-specific, customized approach makes you the expert user for sites including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are new to the job market, consider image consulting to refine wardrobe selection, etiquette, and cultural awareness.

Comprehensive Career Package

Azore Global offers a customized, all-inclusive approach to your career search. Connect with us to schedule an initial consultation, then proceed to a path suited for your specific needs and goals. Request as many of the other services on this page to ensure you are presenting your best materials and image to hiring managers.You will receive up to six sessions to meet with your advisor via telephone, Skype, or in person. Correspond as needed between sessions for guidance. 

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