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AzoreGlobal English 

Are you unable to join an English class in person? Would 1-to-1 lessons be better for your goals? Maybe you tried language software, but you cannot remember enough when you need to use your English.


Imagine how much more you could accomplish by taking live lessons with a private language teacher! 

Many learners lack a strategy. They may fail IELTS and TOEFL proficiency exams. They risk losing valuable career opportunities.

They need feedback or helpful correction. Some lack confidence to speak or write using English when speaking with customers and coworkers. 

Involve AzoreGlobal English NOW! 


Click the blue button above to request scheduling information for classes or EnglishChat. Connect and start today from anywhere in the world! 

General English

Connect with your personal Azore Global language consultant! Lessons include everyday English. Take structured courses, and your Azore Global educator will create a curriculum for your personal goals. Improve TOEFL/IELTS proficiency exam scores, everyday conversation, accent reduction, or pronunciation.

Aviation English

Pilots, ATCOs, flight attendants, and flight school students!


Aerospace and safety standards require specific English proficiency for pilots, air traffic control officers (ATCOs), and airline personnel. Your communication skills during unexpected, stressful scenarios may affect lives. Book lessons with Azore Global now to start your journey toward ICAO Level 4 (Operational) proficiency. 

Business English

Corporate executives, business school students,
and administrative support staff!


Fine tune your presentation skills for interviews, meetings, and writing. Focus on concepts critical in the economics, marketing, finance, and management sectors of international business. Drive your language learning based on your individual needs and deadlines. 

IT English

Programmers, tech support staff, and developers!

Your information technology career translates into global opportunities. Your communication skills in English should not delay your success. Improve English for computer essentials, programming, web design, and software engineering. 

Medical English
Hospitality English

Hotel or resort managers, front desk staff, and travel agents!

Learn key concepts associated with customer service and management in the hospitality and travel industries. International resorts and hotels seek multilingual staff, but English fluency is important when you need to serve travelers in a common language. Practice English for team training, guest relations, and telephone communication. 

Legal English

International attorneys, legal support staff, law professors, and law school students!

You can master law-related concepts and terminology useful for transactional law and litigation. Try simulation exercises to use public speaking skills needed in the private sector or courtroom.  

Physicians, medical school students, nurses and caregivers, physical therapists, and first responders!

Focus your English study on medical concepts and terminology useful for your medical career. Learn vocabulary associated with emergency and routine healthcare. 

GELL Lesson Highlights

Azore Global lessons include the following features to fit your personal needs:

  • Live, interactive videoconference lessons.

  • Open conversation time during your lesson to improve listening and speaking skills with a native English speaker.

  • Materials from Cambridge University Press English textbooks and/or sources you prefer for your goals.

  • Immediate feedback and correction with explanations.

  • Resources for your future practice and reference.

  • Complimentary Azore Global college guidance or career advisory services included as a lesson focus:

    • University application or writing sample and review​

    • CV or business correspondence writing and review

    • Mock interviews

All Azore Global English Language Consultants  are native English speakers who hold CELTA certification from the University of Cambridge (or comparable training).


The Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is accredited and assessed by the University of Cambridge, and it is the most internationally recognized qualification in the world for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

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