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AzoreGlobal Media

Voice Over Talent
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Contact Azore Global to add a voice to your brands and books!


We work with published authors, third party rights holders, and international publishing houses to deliver custom narration and production. Revive revenue by adding audiobooks to your literary portfolio, and you can reach millions more than before! 

Start by sending an excerpt of your manuscript to us to request a 30-second audio sample of your work. We will discuss options, including post-production promotion and a presence on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Our production services include audio engineering and access to a dedicated paymaster to handle payroll, union contributions, and deductions. Azore Global voice talent are available for clients worldwide to deliver the following projects:

  • Audiobook narration and production

  • Film, TV, and radio for commercials and promo projects

  • Foreign language and multi-character accents

  • Characters for animated series, radio theatre, and video games

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Film, TV, and
Print Talent

Azore Global offers principal talent and casting assistance to clients including freelance producers, international law firms, government agencies, and marketing departments. Talent leads include union professionals, everyday "real people", experienced child performers, multilingual actors, stunt coordinators, and hard-to-find talent with security clearance.


Add commercial print and parts models for your marketing materials. We have worked with a number of photographers and publications to ensure you have resources and a ready network.

Contract Review and Negotiation

During the pre-production stages for new media, film, television, or radio projects, Azore producers focus on client needs for handling paperwork and signatory contracts.  Azore Global consultants have worked with clients from celebrity booking agents to amateur student film directors to review and edit agreements. Short film directors have benefited from Azore Global streamlined services to process signatory documents.


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